Officers Respond to Felony Menacing, Barricaded Subject Taken into Custody #GVCopBeat

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Previous Booking Photo of Clefe

At approximately 2:30pm on Thursday afternoon, a reporting party called the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center from an apartment building in the 500 Block of Colorado Avenue and stated that their neighbor was screaming and throwing items out a second story window. A short time later, dispatch received another call from a second reporting party who stated that the same subject had sprayed them with bear spray and threatened another male with a knife. 

Officers with the Grand Junction Police Department responded to the area immediately and through a history search of the address, were able to locate a possible name and phone number for the subject. Officers made repeated attempts to contact the subject by phone and loud hails utilizing a public address system, but were unsuccessful. During the loud hails, the subject could be heard saying that he had a gun but was otherwise unresponsive to officers’ commands. 

Colorado Avenue was closed to traffic from 5th Street to 6th Street, and an emergency notification was sent to residents in the surrounding area, requesting that they shelter in place. Officers contacted several residents in the apartment building to safely evacuate them. During the evacuation process, it was discovered that the subject was stabbing a knife through the wall of the apartment he was believed to be in. The GJPD SWAT team was called out to assist, as well as SWAT operators with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.   

Concurrently with operations on scene, officers began working on a search warrant and an arrest warrant for the subject involved and both warrants were signed by a judge. An apprehension team then successfully entered the apartment and was able to take the subject into custody without further incident. The subject is identified as Adam Clefe, age 35, of Grand Junction. Clefe will be cleared by medical personnel and then transported to the Mesa County Detention Facility on numerous charges, including felony menacing, assault, and criminal mischief. 

Numerous GJPD officers responded to this incident, as well as Mesa County Sheriff Office’s SWAT operators, medical personnel with the Grand Junction Fire Department, and an Incident Dispatch Team with the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center. Critical incidents like this one are complex and require a large presence of law enforcement personnel to address the safety needs of everyone involved. For anyone who may have experienced a long delay when they called for help for unrelated issues while this incident was unfolding, thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Barricaded Suspect Arrested After Hours Long Standoff with Police #GVCopBeat

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Previous booking photo of Burke

Shortly after 11:00pm on Wednesday night, a reporting party called 9-1-1 to report that an adult male, who was known to have multiple warrants for his arrest, was at a hotel in the 2700 Block of Crossroads Boulevard.  One of the warrants was related to a domestic violence incident and the victim of that incident was reported to be staying at the hotel.

Officers responded to the hotel and were contacted by a second reporting party, who claimed that she was an acquaintance of the suspect and that she believed he was inside her hotel room.  The reporting party also stated that another male who was staying in the room with her was likely still in the room with the suspect.  Officers, who had set up a perimeter at the hotel, witnessed a male matching the description of the suspect look out the window.  The male refused to open the door to the hotel room and repeatedly told officers to go away.

Officers were able to make phone contact with the suspect.  The suspect made numerous threats, including stating that he was in possession of explosives and officers should evacuate the building.  The suspect stated that he would get into a gun fight with police, and officers were able to hear what sounded like items being placed against the door in the interior of the room.  The suspect also claimed that he had a hostage in the room with him.  Officers contacted another reporting party who stated that she had received a phone call from another male in the room with the suspect who stated that the suspect would not permit him to leave.

Officers evacuated numerous rooms in the hotel and the SWAT team was called out to assist.  Ultimately, after several hours of attempted negotiations with the suspect, the officers used force to breach the door to the hotel room and they took the suspect into custody without further incident.  The other adult male in the room was safe and uninjured.  Inside the room, a multi-tool with a fold out knife was located, along with several needles, prescription pills, and other drug paraphernalia.

The suspect, identified as Bucky Burke, age 41, of Grand Junction, was arrested and remanded to the Mesa County Detention Facility on numerous charges related to this incident, as well as warrants for prior incidents.  The charges stemming from this incident include:

1st Degree Burglary (F3)
Felony Menacing (F5)
2nd Degree Kidnapping (F2)
False Imprisonment (F5)
Obstructing a Peace Officer (M2)
Resisting Arrest (M2)
Criminal Mischief (M3)

Male Detained After Felony Menacing, Pursuit #GVCopBeat

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img_2414-1At 2:45pm on Monday afternoon, a 9-1-1 call came into the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center, reporting a felony menacing that had just occurred in the area of N. 12th Street and Patterson Road.  The victim stated that a male driving a maroon and silver Chevy truck nearly struck the victim’s vehicle and that the driver then pointed a gun at the victim, who was driving in a separate vehicle with his family.

Officers responded to the area and began searching for a vehicle matching the description provided by the victim.  A matching vehicle was located near North Avenue and N. 12th Street, approximately nine minutes after the initial call came in.  Officers initiated a traffic stop, and the vehicle eventually stopped near N. 15th Street and Kennedy Avenue.  The driver disregarded commands from officers to turn off the vehicle and instead got back in the truck and fled the scene.  Due to the reported involvement of a firearm, officers pursued the vehicle and ultimately implemented a PIT maneuver, or Pursuit Intervention Technique, near the area of N. 15th Street and Ptarmigan Ridge.  The male was given repeated commands, which he disobeyed.  Officers used less lethal impact rounds on the suspect, but he continued to ignore their commands.  The suspect proceeded to remove his clothing and attempted to reach into his vehicle, at which point an officer tackled the suspect and detained him without further incident.  A firearm was located inside the suspect’s vehicle.

One officer was evaluated on scene by medical personnel for minor injuries sustained during the incident.  The suspect was transported to the hospital for medical clearance.  Once medically cleared, he will be remanded to the Mesa County Detention Facility on pending charges including felony menacing and eluding.

CIRT Activated to Investigate Officer Involved Shooting #GVCopBeat

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At approximately 11:13 p.m. on Friday, July 17, 2020, officers with the Fruita Police Department and deputies with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a report of a felony menacing in the 1100 block of E Carolina Avenue. The reporting party stated an adult male, whom she identified as her boyfriend, had threatened her with a handgun. The adult subject failed to comply with orders and ultimately was shot by law enforcement. Although officers rendered aid until medical personnel arrived, the adult subject was pronounced deceased on scene. No law enforcement officers were injured.

The Mesa County Coroner’s Office will be responsible for releasing the identity of the deceased, as well as the cause and manner of death, after appropriate notifications have been made.

As with all officer involved shootings in Mesa County, the 21st Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team comprised of representatives of the Grand Junction Police Department, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Fruita Police Department, Palisade Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, 21st Judicial District Attorney’s Office, and Colorado Bureau of Investigation, is responsible for the investigation of this incident.

Members of the Critical Incident Response Team will conduct interviews of witnesses and involved persons in this case over the coming days. Additional details will be released as appropriate, with sensitivity to the ongoing investigation. The officers will be placed on administrative leave, as is standard protocol.

Anyone who witnessed this incident, as well as anyone who has security cameras that may have captured all or part of these events, is encouraged to contact the Grand Junction Police Department at (970) 549-5200.

A Message from Grand Junction Police Chief Shoemaker #GVCopBeat

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00380Doug Shoemaker 001
GJPD Chief Doug Shoemaker

“Many of you may be aware that I’ve taken to social media over the past week to express my anger over the death of George Floyd, a man who died at the hands of Minneapolis Police Department officers last week.  Not only was Mr. Floyd asphyxiated by an officer, but three other officers stood and did nothing to intervene.

It’s no secret that I’ve taken a very public stand against this, and my feelings haven’t changed.  I’m angry at the actions (and inaction) of these suspects (previously employed as police officers), and I’m angry how it paints my profession, one I’ve devoted my life to for nearly 29 years.  I’m angry that I know so many great police officers who work hard to do the right thing, and the Grand Junction Police Department, an agency I chose to leave Jefferson City, Missouri for, is a shining example of what a great agency can be.

But let’s face it – we’re not perfect. We have work to do locally. Not only as a police department, but as a city. We have to challenge ourselves to think on a broader scale and take on uncomfortable discussions as to what we’re not perfect at, then take steps to improve.  I made the public statement calling out other members of law enforcement for reacting by making statements which I would equate as posturing, which has, admittedly, been met with some mixed emotions by a small number of people who responded. I’ve been criticized by some for how we’ve handled the protests, which have all been peaceful, from both those who are very angry with police in general as well as those who feel inconvenienced by the blockage and temporary closure of some roadways.

I have met with my staff to explain my thoughts, and was, not surprisingly, told that they too were angry over the situation, and that we as a profession need to do better. It speaks volumes as to their character, and I’m proud to serve beside them.

During this same time, I’ve also met with some amazing people in this community. Coach Jackson, our new CMU Football Coach, and I have connected and formed a team, one team, to start these discussions on how we can all be better listeners and better show empathy towards one another, instead of intolerance. Coach has been an outspoken advocate of having conversations that are tough to have, and I cannot explain how much respect I have for him and the members of the CMU Football team, who peacefully protested and came to talk to me and ask me those same tough questions. I listened, and I pledged to go to work, but I cannot do this alone. Our department cannot do this alone. Our community, all of us, must take a moment to pause and consider others’ experiences that we don’t have and have not lived – but we need to listen if we’re going to get through this and get better as a community.

We’ve already taken some first tangible steps – after meeting with protestors on Monday, on Tuesday I met with Coach and other members of the CMU Administrative Team, with strong support from President Foster, to have conversations with student leaders from CMU’s Black Student Alliance and the Cultural Inclusion Council. They asked tough, intelligent questions that deserve our answers, and I cannot say how much I appreciate the opportunity to speak with them and hear their experiences. One of many conversations to come, the next of which will happen this Friday.

Our goal in this is complex.  Keeping our community safe – our entire community – is the number one priority.  We respect the right to peacefully protest, and on my watch we will honor that without exception. We’ve had conversations to ensure we do whatever we can to protect both those who lawfully protest, as well as reassure our residents we are keeping peace. We want others to see what we end up accomplishing and look to us for guidance within their own communities to be that example on how to truly learn to better respect and understand one another.

Lastly, we’re looking at everything within our own agency, and our staff has welcomed that. We are questioning everything and seeing how we can improve. I’m not naïve – I understand some will criticize us no matter what we do as never good enough, but my pledge to you, as was my pledge to our CMU Football team and other protestors who came to the PD lobby on June 1st, is that I will do my best.  This is a marathon, however, not a sprint, so I appreciate the grace in allowing this to build on a solid foundation over time.

We will, as a community, become that much better. We have to.”

May 10th-16th Recognized at National Police Week #GVCopBeat

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NPW2020_logo_digital-rgb_transparent_smallIn 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week in which that date falls as Police Week.  Law enforcement agencies around the world spend this week recognizing the contribution of officers who serve their communities each day, as well as honoring and remembering those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Typically, there are numerous events throughout Mesa County to recognize this week.  We host Coffee with a Cop events. Our Honor Guard presents a formal flag ceremony.  There is always a ton of food around, and we have several events that are intended to raise money for the Special Olympics of Colorado.  This year is obviously much different.  Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a very quiet week.  And that is okay with us.  It will allow us to focus on what the week is truly about; honoring law enforcement around the world who have been killed while serving their communities.

According to the Office Down Memorial Page, there were 146 line of duty deaths in the United States last year.  Three of those officers were from Colorado; Sergeant Joshua Eli Voth, of the Colorado Department of Corrections; Corporal Daniel H. Groves, of the Colorado State Patrol; Master Trooper William James Moden, of the Colorado State Patrol.

Often, during this week, we have local businesses and community members who want to thank their officers by providing food or cards.  While we are so grateful for that kindness, this year we would encourage that generosity to be directed toward any of the local agencies who are helping our community in recovery efforts from this crisis.

If you’d like to recognize our officers this week, as well as honor those who have given their lives in service, consider putting a blue light bulb in your porch light.  Put a sign in your window, thanking officers for their service.  Share a wave or a kind word when you see an officer out on patrol.  If you drive by the Police Department, you’ll see our banner hanging outside.  It’s lovely at night, when it’s lit up by blue lights.

Next year, we’ll hopefully be able to come together again to honor all who have dedicated their lives to this profession.  This year, we hope you’ll join us in a humble remembrance of all those who have gone before us.

Officers Attempt to Contact Armed Suspect, Flees on Foot #GVCopBeat

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At approximately 6:00 p.m. officers with the Grand Junction Police Department responded to a call in the 2900 block of Patterson on reports of a potentially armed suspect. The suspect was reported to be on foot and heading towards the Lucky Me Convenience Store, located at 2902 Patterson Road.

When officers arrived at the convenience store, they made contact with the suspect, who they were able to determine was armed with a handgun. The suspect fled the convenience store on foot and was non-compliant to the verbal commands of the Grand Junction Police Officers who were attempting to take him into custody. After failing to gain compliance of the armed suspect, officers deployed 40mm less lethal impact rounds, striking the subject. The suspect continued to be non-compliant and an officer discharged a taser, striking the subject to gain compliance and take the suspect into custody.

The subject was arrested and transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. During this incident, Patterson Road was shut down in both directions, out of an abundance of caution.

The investigation remains open and officers with the Grand Junction Police Department will continue to conduct interviews of the events that took place.

GJPD K9 Merlin Receives Donated Body Armor #GVCopBeat

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Grand Junction Police Department’s K9 Merlin has received a bullet and stab protective vest thanks to a charitable donation from non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. The vest was sponsored by Team Wendy and embroidered with the sentiment “This gift of protection provided by Team Wendy”.

MerlinVested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501c(3) charity located in East Taunton, MA whose mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the United States. The non-profit was established in 2009 to assist law enforcement agencies with this potentially lifesaving body armor for their four-legged K9 officers. Since its inception, Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. provided over 3,500 U.S. made, custom fitted, NIJ certified protective vests in 50 states, through private and corporate donations, at a value of $6.9 million dollars.

The program is open to dogs actively employed in the U.S. with law enforcement or related agencies who are certified and at least 20 months of age. New K9 graduates, as well as K9s with expired vests, are eligible to participate.

The donation to provide one protective vest for a law enforcement K9 is $950.00. Each vest has a value between $1,744 – $2,283, and a five-year warranty and an average weight of 4-5 lbs. There is an estimated 30,000 law enforcement K9s throughout the United States. For more information or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please call 508-824-6978. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. provides information, lists events, and accepts tax-deductible donations of any denomination at or mailed to P.O. Box 9 East Taunton, MA 02718.

Rumor Control: No Documents Needed for Essential Travel in Mesa County #GVCopBeat

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CIRT horizontalLocal law enforcement wants to be very clear; NO documents are needed to go to work or for essential travel under the Stay at Home order in Mesa County.

We have received questions from the community asking if critical employees traveling to and from work need an official document to prove they do in fact work for a critical service.

  1. No, you do not need a document of any kind. Neither law enforcement nor Mesa County Public Health are issuing such documents.
  2. If you are a critical employer, thank you for working during this time. You do not need to issue a document to your employees.
  3. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Junction Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, Fruita Police Department and Palisade Police Department are NOT stopping people driving out in the community specifically in regards to the Stay at Home order.
  4. Law enforcement is operating under the presumption people who are out in the community are doing activities that are necessary and permissible under the Governor’s Stay at Home order.

This also applies to people who are traveling for essential purposes, such as going to the grocery store, picking up children from childcare, taking care of a loved one, getting medical care, etc.

For the full list of what is considered a critical business and essential travel under the Governor’s Stay at Home order, click here.

Law enforcement personnel around the Grand Valley are seeing daily examples of cooperation, compliance, and compassion in our community.  We are grateful to serve such a thoughtful and supportive community.

Update to Officer Involved Shooting #GVCopBeat

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Two Grand Junction Police Department officers were involved in an officer involved shooting on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Both officers, along with two deputies from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, discharged their weapons.

00342Tom Nelson 001
Officer Thomas Nelson

Officer Thomas Nelson is a patrol officer who started with our agency in 2013.  Officer Nelson’s collateral assignments include defensive tactics instructor and field training officer.

00409Tom Wihera 001
Officer Tom Wihera

Officer Tom Wihera joined the Grand Junction Police Department in 2016.  Officer Wihera currently serves as a patrol officer, with collateral assignments of field training officer and SWAT operator.  Officer Wihera is also a veteran of the United States Navy.

As is standard protocol with any officer involved shooting, both officers are currently on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation, which takes place separately from the criminal investigation being conducted by the 21st Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team.  This incident remains under investigation by CIRT.  Information previously released regarding this incident can be found here.