GJPD Arrests Former Business Owner for Burglary #GVCopBeat

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LEWISRecently, officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were made aware of a series of burglaries at a local business.  Specifically, the Canyon View Car Wash, at 2258 Broadway, has been burglarized ten time in the last four months, according to surveillance footage from the business.

Prior to last night’s activity, it was determined that the most common time for the burglaries to occur were Wednesday nights, between the hours of 8:00pm and 9:00pm.  Suspect information was generated in the course of the investigation and, last night, officers began surveillance in and around the business.  Shortly after 8:30pm, the suspect arrived at the location, entered the building, and proceeded to remove money from a vending machine inside.

Officers observed that the vending machine was entered with a key.  It was determined that the suspect was a previous owner of the business, identified as Roxanne Lewis, age 58.

Ms. Lewis was placed into custody and remanded to the the Mesa County Jail, on charges of Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools, and Theft.

Two GJPD Officers Struck by Reckless Driver #GVCopBeat

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IMG_4238 (2)Shortly after 4:00pm, on Wednesday, November 11, two officers with the Grand Junction Police Department were fortunate to be uninjured when they were struck by a vehicle that disobeyed a traffic diversion near N. 7th Street and Patterson Road.  Eastbound lanes of traffic near the area were blocked, due to an unrelated three car accident at the location.

Officers were diverting traffic west of N. 7th Street on Patterson Road, while investigating a car accident that occurred at around 3:30pm, and were waiting for the involved vehicles to be removed from the roadway.  At approximately 4:15pm, the driver of a silver Ford F150 truck drove past the officer directing traffic, and proceeded into a lane that was closed to travel.  When the officer attempted to stop the driver, later identified as Denzil Harward, age 67, Harward accelerated, hitting the officer’s duty belt with the front of his truck.  Harward then proceeded eastbound on Patterson.  The officer was able to air this information to other officers in the area, who saw the truck approaching, and also attempted to stop it.  As the truck began to drive past these officers, as well, one officer on scene was struck on his right hand by the truck’s passenger side mirror, with enough force to break the mirror away from the body of the truck.  At this time, Harward stopped and exited the vehicle.  He was immediately placed into custody.

Denzil Harward was charged with Reckless Endangerment and Obstructing an Officer, and was released on a summons from the Grand Junction Police Department.

Arrest Made for Child Abuse and Multiple Drug Offenses #GVCopBeat

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MAESTASOn Thursday, October 22, detectives with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force responded to 475 32 1/8 Rd, #3, to investigate information they had received that there was illegal drug activity originating from the apartment.

Upon arrival, detectives contacted Amber Maestas, 29.  Maestas stated that she lived at the address, and allowed the detectives inside the residence.  Inside, there was another adult female, as well as two children.  Detectives informed Maestas that they had received reports of illegal drug activity at the residence and wanted to search her apartment.  Maestas was informed that she could refuse the search.  Maestas stated that there were people trying to get her in trouble.  She stated that there was no drug activity in her apartment and she consented to the search.  Within a minute of the search starting, detectives located methamphetamine, which was accessible to the children in the residence.  Maestas was advised that she was under arrest, and was placed in handcuffs.  Maestas told detectives that she had smoked meth that morning.

During this time, a child in the residence asked one of the detectives if he had a gun.  The child, a four year old male, also told the detective that “his mom had a gun and that it was really big.”  Upon inquiry, Maestas told detectives that she had a loaded pistol under her mattress and a rifle in her closet.  After conducting a search on the serial numbers of the firearms, the rifle was found to be reported stolen out of Texas.  A criminal history was completed on Maestas, and she was found to have been convicted of multiple felonies in past cases, to include drug offenses.

A search of Maestas revealed a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine hidden on her person.  A further search of her residence revealed numerous items of drug paraphernalia, as well as a hypodermic needle with liquid inside and .380 caliber ammunition.  Detectives also located suspected marijuana, which was within easy reach of the children.IMG_0081

Maestas was remanded to the custody of the Mesa County Jail, on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, Possession of a Weapon (drug offense), Child Abuse, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Schedule I/II Controlled Substance, Theft, and Possession of Weapons by Previous Offender.

Roll Over Crash Leads to a DUI Arrest #GVCopBeat #GVTraffic

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The Grand Junction Police Department responded to a traffic crash in the area of 27 1/2 Rd / Ridge Dr. The driver, and sole occupant, of the passenger car failed to negotiate the curve as she was headed northbound on 27 1/2 Rd. She ran off the road, taking the car airborne, and the vehicle landed on it’s hood. The driver, identified at Tessie Pope, 34, was transported to the hospital. She was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.


Arrest Made in Monday Night Shooting #GVCopBeat

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Cropped Badge-Transparent BackgroundThe Grand Junction Police Department has arrested Howard Ray Walker III, DOB: 12/22/1984, in connection with the shooting that occurred on Monday night in the area of 28 ½ Road and Hall Avenue.

In the course of the investigation into this incident, the Grand Junction PD was able to develop Walker as a suspect in this case. The GJPD Street Crimes Unit made contact with Walker in the 2000 Block of Grand Avenue last night at approximately 9:45. He was arrested and remanded to the Mesa County Jail.

Walker is currently being held on charges of 1st Degree Assault, Felony Menacing, and Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the events on Monday night is still active, but the GJPD is not seeking any other suspects at this time. Walker’s mug shot will not be released until further investigation is complete.

Arrest Made in Riverside Shooting #GVCopBeat

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ROMEROOn Saturday, August 8, in a joint effort between the Grand Junction Police Department and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Anthony James Romero, 23, was arrested for the shooting on July 31 in the Riverside neighborhood, in which the victim was shot in the face.

The Grand Junction Police Department received information that Romero was in the area of Riverside shortly after 8:00pm on Saturday night.  The Street Crimes Unit of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office located the vehicle Romero was reported to be driving, and the vehicle fled.  After a short pursuit, Romero was taken into custody by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office on charges of vehicular eluding, possession of an illegal weapon, driving under restraint, and reckless driving.

Further investigation was conducted by the Grand Junction Police Department after Romero was in custody, which resulted in additional charges of assault in the first degree and attempted second degree murder, in relation to the shooting in the Riverside neighborhood on July 31.

2 Arrests Made In September Assault Case Involving Man Found On Main St. With Severe Head Injuries; 3rd Person Wanted #GVCopBeat

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Jeffrey Toney
Jeffrey Toney
Marquise Deshawn Evans
Marquise Deshawn Evans

The Grand Junction Police Department has arrested two men believed to be involved in an assault that left 33-year-old Zachery Lane with serious head injuries.  21-year-old Marquise Deshawn Evans of Grand Junction and 21-year-0ld Jeffrey Toney of Grand Junction are both in the Mesa County Jail.  They are facing second degree assault charges. We also have an arrest warrant for 21-year-old Brandon Malik Butler for second degree assault, however we have not located him at this time.

A woman found Mr. Lane lying on the sidewalk in front of 413 Main St. just after 2:00 a.m. on September 13, 2014. We identified the man as Zachery Lane, and he had significant, life-threatening head injuries that were not consistent with a simple fall. (Previously released information can be found here.)

Detectives began piecing together the limited initial information and using surveillance video from several sources in the Downtown area as well as information from a couple of witnesses, they were able to place the three suspects and Mr. Lane in the location of the assault at the same time it happened. No other people are seen entering or leaving that area during the time in question, and the three suspects are seen running down the alley behind the 400 block of Main St. shortly after.  There is no one behind them and the footage does not provide an obvious reason as to what the three were running from.

Detectives spoke with Brandon Butler who said he was in the area at that time but denied any involvement. They also spoke with Jeffrey Toney who also said he was in the area at the time. A judge signed a search warrant for the house where all three live, and investigators collected clothing matching the items worn by all three suspects on the night of the incident.

Mr. Lane has since been released from the hospital and is continuing his recovery. He told officers he did not have an argument with anyone and has no idea why someone would assault him.  He also does not know anyone who matches the descriptions of the three suspects.

Anyone with information about this case or the whereabouts of Brandon Malik Butler can contact Detective Michael Struwe at 970-549-5250.  You can also provide information anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 970-241-7867 or going online at