Drug Offenses

Arrest Made for Child Abuse and Multiple Drug Offenses #GVCopBeat

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MAESTASOn Thursday, October 22, detectives with the Western Colorado Drug Task Force responded to 475 32 1/8 Rd, #3, to investigate information they had received that there was illegal drug activity originating from the apartment.

Upon arrival, detectives contacted Amber Maestas, 29.  Maestas stated that she lived at the address, and allowed the detectives inside the residence.  Inside, there was another adult female, as well as two children.  Detectives informed Maestas that they had received reports of illegal drug activity at the residence and wanted to search her apartment.  Maestas was informed that she could refuse the search.  Maestas stated that there were people trying to get her in trouble.  She stated that there was no drug activity in her apartment and she consented to the search.  Within a minute of the search starting, detectives located methamphetamine, which was accessible to the children in the residence.  Maestas was advised that she was under arrest, and was placed in handcuffs.  Maestas told detectives that she had smoked meth that morning.

During this time, a child in the residence asked one of the detectives if he had a gun.  The child, a four year old male, also told the detective that “his mom had a gun and that it was really big.”  Upon inquiry, Maestas told detectives that she had a loaded pistol under her mattress and a rifle in her closet.  After conducting a search on the serial numbers of the firearms, the rifle was found to be reported stolen out of Texas.  A criminal history was completed on Maestas, and she was found to have been convicted of multiple felonies in past cases, to include drug offenses.

A search of Maestas revealed a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine hidden on her person.  A further search of her residence revealed numerous items of drug paraphernalia, as well as a hypodermic needle with liquid inside and .380 caliber ammunition.  Detectives also located suspected marijuana, which was within easy reach of the children.IMG_0081

Maestas was remanded to the custody of the Mesa County Jail, on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, Possession of a Weapon (drug offense), Child Abuse, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Schedule I/II Controlled Substance, Theft, and Possession of Weapons by Previous Offender.