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Nine Suspects In Custody After Investigation By Drug Task Force; Two More Are Wanted #GVCopBeat

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The Western Colorado Drug Task Force has arrested nine people and is looking for two others after an extensive investigation into drug trafficking in Mesa County.  The investigation began in August 2014 when a confidential informant told investigators 38-year-old Jesus Cochran was supplying heroin to drug users in the area.  Cochran has also been tied to methamphetamine and cocaine distribution.

DTF investigators also obtained information about 47-year-old Raymond Cordova, who is also suspected of distributing significant quantities of illegal drugs in Mesa County.

DTF  investigators were able to link both Cochran and Cordova to 30-year-old Eduardo De La Cruz, who is believed to be the head of the drug trafficking organization and was the supplier for Cochran and Cordova.  De La Cruz is suspected of bringing significant amounts of drugs to Mesa County from the Salt Lake City area, where he lives.  DTF investigators arrested De La Cruz earlier this year after a brief standoff at a tattoo shop in the 1100 block of N. 25th St. (previously released information).

Multiple search warrants were obtained and executed during this investigation, and resulted in the seizure of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, US currency, firearms, and other illegal items.  DTF investigators also identified other local suspects who were supplied by and conspired with Cochran and Cordova to distribute the illegal drugs in Mesa County and elsewhere.  Those individuals are:

  • Sharon Jacobs- 58- years-old, (Arrested)
  • Robert McCullar- 23- years-old, (Arrested)
  • Jonathan Gardner- 25- years-old, (Arrested)
  • Kyle Finn- 26- years-old. (Arrested)
  • Callie Davis- 33- years-old. (Arrested)
  • Shauna Harlow- 35- years-old, (Arrested)
  • Cody Davis- 30- years-old, (Outstanding Warrant)
  • Steven Jones- 22- years-old, (Outstanding Warrant)
Eduardo De La Cruz
Eduardo De La Cruz
Jesus Cochran
Jesus Cochran
Raymond Cordova
Raymond Cordova
Sharon Jacobs
Sharon Jacobs
Robert McCullar
Robert McCullar
Jonathan Garner
Jonathan Garner
Kyle Finn
Kyle Finn
Callie Davis
Callie Davis
Shawna Harlow
Shawna Harlow
Cody Davis
Cody Davis
Steven Jones
Steven Jones

12 People Arrested In Drug and Money Laundering Case; Investigators Looking For 4 More #GVCopBeat #PolTwt

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The Western Colorado Drug Task Force (DTF), with assistance from the Grand Junction Police and Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Units, has arrested 12 of the 16 people believed to be involved in a drug trafficking organization in Mesa County.

DTF Investigators began making the arrests Thursday night, with additional arrests taking place throughout the day on Friday, after they obtained arrest warrants following an investigation that began in June 2014.  Utilizing wire intercepts, confidential informants, and surveillance, investigators identified the people who were the primary supply sources for methamphetamine coming from the Denver area and being distributed in the Grand Junction area.  Diligent police work led to the identification of Stephen Blake (date of birth 02/15/1973) as the person in charge of the distribution in Mesa County.  They also identified multiple lower level drug dealers who worked for the drug trafficking organization or who obtained drugs from the organization.  Investigators also seized methamphetamine, heroine, firearms, and counterfeit money while working this case.

Those who have been arrested at this time include:

  • Stephen Blake (02/15/1973)
  • Aaron Vigil (09/29/1983)
  • Donna Lillie (04/11/1959)
  • Dawn Murphy (01/20/1973)
  • Justin Adair (08/18/1972)
  • Kevin Smith (12/08/1976)
  • Laura Smith (06/05/1960)
  • Michelle Ricks (07/01/1979)
  • Pearl Higgs (06/24/1956)
  • Sharde Galindo (08/19/1990)
  • Tomi Jo Highline (04/24/1965)
  • Virginia Higgs (05/29/1975)

Those who have arrest warrants but have not yet been arrested are:

  • Fabian Ortiz (12/05/1984)
  • Matthew Finley (05/21/1986)
  • Matthew Stauter (11/14/1984)
  • Taeler Oropeza (12/10/1988)


Dawn Murphy
Dawn Murphy
Justin Adair
Kevin Smith
Laura Smith
Michelle Ricks
Pearl Higgs
Sharde Galindo
Stephen Blake
Tomi Jo Highline
Virginia Higgs


Aaron Vigil


Donna Lillie
Matthew Stauter
Fabian Ortiz
Matthew Finley
Taeler Oropeza