Scam Alert: GJPD Takes Reports On 2 Different Scams Hitting The Area Recently #GVCopBeat

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Scam alertThis week the Grand Junction Police Department took reports from people about two different scams that appear to be hitting the area right now.

The first scam involves a caller, possibly identifying himself as “John Ross with UPS”,  who tells the potential victim they have a package from Publisher’s Clearing House.  The package is apparently a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The second scam involves a call with an automated voice message that states, “Your Mastercard has been lost, please press 4 to connect with security.”

Whenever you receive an unsolicited call, piece of mail, or email claiming you have won a large amount of money, or claiming your bank or credit account has been compromised, ALWAYS verify first.  Do not use the phone numbers or website provided by the person who contacted you.  Instead, make sure to use contact information that you know is legitimate, such as phone numbers or websites listed on your bank or credit card statements.  Also remember that someone who tells you that you have won a big prize from a game or lottery you have never played is probably trying to take advantage of you and your money.

For more information about various scams that often come through our area visit our website:

Don’t Be a Victim of a Scam

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Scam alertHardly a day goes by when we don’t get a call or have someone stop by our lobby to tell us about a new scam hitting the area.  Click this link to hear the latest from The Insider on the GJPD Patrol, and learn how you can protect yourself.